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Family owned and operated since 1999, Window Savers provides quality replacement windows and doors as well as repair of many windows. In developing options and recommendations for our customers we always work from the perspective: “If this was my home, what would I do?”  After inspecting the existing windows and doors and learning the homeowner’s objectives and budget, we can then make an informed proposal with options for the homeowner to consider.  We consider such factors as whether the homeowner is planning on living in the home for several years or getting it ready to put it on the market.  While many companies only offer one solution: replacement windows; Window Savers can usually offer several options to choose from.

This individualized and personal service has earned Window Savers a reputation for integrity and having the customer’s best interest at heart.  We also offer excellent products and service at a very competitive price.  As a result most of our sales come from referrals of friends and neighbors of former customers.

Located in Cumming, GA, Window Savers serves the entire North Metro Atlanta area, including:  Alpharetta, Buford, Cumming, Dawsonville, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Milton, Norcross, Roswell, and Suwanee.

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Bill Freeman

Founder & President

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Director of Operations

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Window Repair / Replacement

Depending on the style of the existing windows and the problems the homeowner is experiencing, we can offer a variety of solutions.


Wood Windows

Customers with wood windows often experience the following issues:

  • Single pane windows are very expensive and uncomfortable due to high heat transfer.
  • Rotten wood due to moisture, direct sun, poor maintenance, etc.
  • Clear, insulated windows in direct sun lead to high energy costs and fading of furniture, etc.
  • Seal failure in insulated windows allows unsightly moisture between the glass panes.

If the rotten wood is extensive, we may need to replace the entire window unit (which includes the sashes, sill, brick mold, etc.), but often we can resolve these issues by only replacing the sashes.  We can use sashes made of wood or a cellular PVC material that is paintable but does not rot, These options are less expensive than full window replacement and offer the following solutions:

  • Increased energy efficiency by converting single pane windows to double pane.
  • Increased energy efficiency by using Low-E glass which reflects out 80% of UV light waves that heat the home in summer and fade carpet and furniture. This increases comfort in the home and reduces energy costs.
  • Improved appearance as new insulated glass panels make the windows look like new.

Another solution is vinyl replacement inserts with a PVC wrap on the sill and brick mold. These windows offer improved insulation, a life-time warranty, and eliminate the need for painting or other maintenance in the future.


Metal Windows

The most common complaint with these windows is moisture between the glass due to seal failure.  The least expensive solution is to replace the insulated glass panels in the existing window frames.  This makes the windows look like they did when they were new.  Homeowners fixing up their home to sell often choose this option.  We can also improve the home’s value and energy efficiency by upgrading to Low-E glass in the replacement panels.

We can also replace many parts that break on these windows in order to get them operating properly.

Another option for the homeowner who plans to live in the home for a while is to install vinyl replacement windows that offer much improved energy efficiency and a life-time warranty.

Vinyl Windows

The most common complaint with these windows is also moisture between the glass due to seal failure.  The best solution is also to replace the insulated glass panels in the existing window frame.

Door Replacement

Atlanta’s climate with full sun for many hours of most days, high humidity, and frequent temperature changes is very hard on doors, especially wood doors.  This leads to wood rot, warping, and other issues.

Window Savers offers a variety of premium quality entry doors using experienced installers.  This includes a wide variety of front door designs to beautify your home, increase energy efficiency, and give your home a new look to increase curb appeal.  French doors, vinyl sliding patio doors and entry doors can be customized for your home.

We offer fiberglass insulated doors, steel doors, and wood doors in a variety of woods.  We will work with you to achieve the look you want at a competitive price.  Our objective is for you to be pleased with your doors for years to come.



Glass Replacement

Replacement insulated window panels are available with these options:

  • Clear or energy efficient Low-E glass
  • White aluminum grids between the glass panes


Window Replacement

Replacement wood window units, or window sashes, are available with these options:

  • Solid wood construction
  • Cellular PVC construction that is paintable like wood but does not rot
  • Clear or energy efficient Low-E glass
  • White aluminum grids between the glass panes
  • Plastic grids attached to the outside of the glass (SDL), which provide a three dimensional look and are paintable to match the window trim

Replacement vinyl window units are made of welded PVC construction.  They offer the highest degree of insulation and energy efficiency of any of the window styles available.  Most qualify for Energy Star Rating and tax rebates.  We offer vinyl windows from several manufacturers to match the needs of our customers.  They are available with these options:

  • Energy efficient Low-E glass in various degrees
  • White aluminum grids between the glass panes or SDL grids attached to the outside of the glass
  • Standard white vinyl frames and sashes or a variety of colors


Door Replacement

We offer a wide variety of premium quality doors to meet most any residential need.  Styles include French doors, sliding patio doors, single entry door, etc. with a wide variety of simple or decorative glass to enhance the look of the door set.  We can offer doors with side windows, transom windows, or palladium window. We can provide doors from a variety of manufacturers to match the look and price range that our customers are looking for.


For replacement insulated glass panels, Window Savers offers a ten year warranty against seal failure or other manufacturing defects.

Replacement window and door products are covered by manufacturers’ warranties.  These vary depending on the product and the manufacturer.  This information is readily available on request to any current or potential clients.


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